Available Products

Here’s a list of available products from Laughing Frog Images, as well as an explanation of how you can create “what you want how you want it” on Laughing Frog Images.

Please note that you are making the picture you want yours by making choices that aren’t available anywhere else.  For this reason, all sales are final – it’s not like we can put the products on a shelf and hope that someone else will buy them.  Have fun, take your time, and choose carefully.

It’s also important to tell you that due to the printing processes used for some of the specialty products (metal prints, etc.), “high contrast” images such as those with bright white clouds and dark shadow areas may not reproduce well – the lighter areas will be fine, or maybe even a little light, and detail may be lost in the shadow areas.  For those products, look for images that you like that don’t have these big differences in contrast.  If and when we figure out a practical solution (practical in this case means not ordering every image in every format to check the final product) to this, we’ll let you know.  For now, we have to live with the realities of technical limitations.

And now, here’s how you can get the picture you want the way you want it:

  • Paper PrintsHow to Order
    • Color, Black & White, or Sepia prints
      • You can preview and select your preference during the ordering process
    • Choice of papers
      • E-Surface Color Paper (standard)
      • Kodak Metallic
      • True Digital Black and White
    • Sizes from 5”x7” to 24”x36”
      • You select and perform the cropping of the image as may be required during the ordering process
    • Square and wide formats to maximize the impact of an image and the display space
      • You select and perform the cropping of the image during the ordering process
      • Square sizes: 4″x4″, 5″x5″, 8″x8″, 10″x10″, 12″x12″ and 20″x20″
      • Wide format sizes: 5″x15″, 5″x30″, 10″x20″, and 12″x24″
  • Finishing and Mounting for Paper Prints
    •   A variety of framing and mounting options are available for framed prints.  Your print(s) will arrive ready to hang
  • Showcase Products
    • These products arrive ready to hang or display – no frame is needed!
      •  You select and perform the cropping of the image as may be required during the ordering process
    • Canvas Gallery Wraps from 8″x10″ to 24″x36″
    • Standout Displays from 8″x8″ to 20″x30″
    • Glass Prints, 11.25″x7.87″ and 15.25″x11.25″
    • Metal Prints from 5″x7″ to 24″x36″
    • Modern Metals Prints from 8″x10″ to 20″x30″
  • Specialty Products
    • Ceramic Mugs
    • Frosted Glass Steins
    • Travel Mugs
    • Water Bottles (stainless steel)
  • Collage Prints from 5″x7″ to 16″x20″
    • You select and crop the images to create your own collage
  • Fotoflots
    • Sizes from 10″x7.5″ to 30″x20″
    • Images are printed on professional photographic paper and made to be wall mounted
    • Experience the rich colors and details without glass, glare, mats or frames
    • Change photos in seconds with the magnetic mounting system
    • To display a new photo, just take the fotoflōt off the bracket and snap a new one in place.
  • Bamboo Eco Art
    • Sizes from 4″x4″ to 14″x11″
    • A modern and responsible way to display your artwork
    • A high-definition system prints your image directly on the bamboo
    • Layers of pressed bamboo are exposed on the sides accentuating the natural beauty of this amazing product