Photography by Kurt Stetzer

Why the funny name?

Well, there were a lot of possible names for this gallery and store that were kicked around, bandied about, and given the once over while it was being planned.

Life has a funny way of changing one’s ideas.

It was a hot summer day. The air was still. It wasn’t as humid as an August day in Alabama – but it was humid. I was weeding in the front yard. To be honest, if I weeded more often – it wouldn’t have been that bad of a day.

And then, the spade hit something solid in the weeds…

It was a figurine of a frog.

A reclining frog.

A reclining frog that was laughing at me.

That was the “Ah-Ha!” moment…

And that’s how Laughing Frog Images was born.

I couldn’t make this up.