iPhone Case from Laughing Frog Images helps to save the day!

Over the weekend, one of the Frog’s customers passed on this story to us…

She was on a cruise ship with a couple of thousand other people, and lost her iPhone. 

So, she heads on down to the Lost and Found and asks if anyone turned in an iPhone (keep in mind that iPhones are kind of popular).  The Attendant looks at her and says “What kind of iPhone?”  She responds “An iPhone 4.”  [Pause on the part of the Attendant.] 

The Attendant then asks if she can describe the iPhone.  She responds “It’s black.”  [Another pause on the part of the Attendant.  I did some research, and there are only a couple of million black iPhone 4 models out there, and I’ve got to guess that the ship sees its’ share of lost black iPhones – so I can understand the Attendant’s demeanor.]

[Awkward silence on the part of our customer and the Attendant.]

And then… our customer says “It’s got a case with a picture of Mount Hood on it, and the mountain is covered in snow!”

The Attendant heads into a back room and emerges with the phone a few minutes later.  A happy ending!

The moral to the story: Get your own unique iPhone case from Laughing Frog Images!

Admittedly, I couldn’t resist the shameless plug – but hey, who ever thought that having a unique photo on an iPhone case would help in recovering a lost phone?  It’s a new marketing angle!

Something you probably didn’t know about 9-volt batteries…

For those of you that didn’t know this, The Frog’s day job is in environmental, health and safety “stuff”.  Sometimes, the worlds of EHS and photography cross paths.  Like now.  Who knew?  The scary part is who knows when they may cross again…

Almost everyone has 9-volt batteries somewhere in their lives.  Most likely, they’re in a fire/smoke/CO detector.  (The irony of that will become evident in the video link below.)

Have you ever sat there and looked at the terminals of a 9-volt battery and wondered what would happen if they were unintentionally connected?  I have to admit that I did, but never dwelled on it.  Now that I’ve confessed, it should make it easier for those of you who have done the same thing to come clean.

Here’s a 5:30 video that might surprise you.  It did make an impact on The Frog. 


Please share this with family and friends as you see fit.  A few seconds and one extra step can indeed make a difference.