Automotive Safety Improvements

You’ve looked at the title of this post, and you’re wondering just what automotive safety improvements have to do with Laughing Frog Images.

If you think “nothing” – you’re right.

So, why the post?

I remember sliding around the metal floor of the “way back” of my Grandfather’s 1958 or 1959 Ford Station Wagon.  I have several memories of that car – and, since the Statute of Limitations for Child Endangerment has probably run out for my parents, I can probably tell them now.

Anyway… where was I going?  Oh, yes, it’s about automotive safety, and nothing about Laughing Frog Images.

A co-worker shared a video with me the other day.  It’s from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), and it’s quite interesting.  And scary.  And, makes you realize that even if you long for the old days, you might not want to long for the old days of automotive safety.

The IIHS does some interesting things, like crash tests.  Some of you would characterize that more as fun than interesting…

The video shows the difference that 50 years makes when a 1959 Chevy meets a 2009 Chevy in the most unpleasant way.  It’s well worth the minute or so of your time to watch.

Click here to be taken to the video.

And, next time you see an automotive safety engineer, give ’em a hug…

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