Cat Sitting 101

I think I finally figured out the secret, or at least a secret, to cat sitting.

You know the situation – you’re trying to do something, the cat wants attention NOW, and you don’t want to be mean to the cat but yet you still have things to do, like checking out Laughing Frog Images (sorry, couldn’t resist the plug…).

Yes, I know, I could put the cat outside the room and close the door.  However, that brings about a separate and new problem that I don’t have an answer to.

So, back to cat sitting.

You probably have everything you need at home already.

Here goes…

  1.  Get a heating pad.  Preferably one with an automatic shutoff feature so you don’t forget about it.
  2. Fold two bath towels to the size of the heating pad to serve as a cushion.
  3. Place the heating pad on the towels.
  4. Turn the heating pad on to “warm”.
  5. Take a third bath towel and fold it to the size of the heating pad.
  6. Place the third towel on top of the heating pad.
  7. Let everything warm up.
  8. Introduce your cat to it.
  9. Watch said cat sniff and explore this new warm place to lie down.
  10. Watch cat rotate six or seven times looking for the optimal spot.
  11. Watch cat finally lie down.
  12. Go about your day, because the cat ain’t going anywhere….

You’re welcome!

How to cat sit in one easy lesson.
Cat sitting in one easy lesson.

Be prepared for an unintended consequence…

That being a cat staring daggers at you and yipping at you when the heating pad is off, and they want the heating pad on.  Now.

Working on a solution to that one…