Feather River Express video clips

The Frog shot some short video clips of the Feather River Express and Keddie Flyer / Keddie Dinner Train.

They were taken without a tripod (I know better, but I couldn’t keep it with me on the train, so that explains it for two of the three clips).

What these clips do give you is a brief glimpse of what some passenger trains that ran in the west looked like in the 1950’s and 1960’s.

You’ll see vintage railcars from the original California Zephyr and Santa Fe’s famous Super Chief as they are switched and spotted at the Western Pacific Railroad Museum and at the station in Portola.

You’ll see and hear Western Pacific GP-7 #707 as she switches the cars.  The 707 was build by the Electro-Motive Division of General Motors in 1952.  (Yes, GM was everywhere…)  She’s got 1500 horsepower put out by a V-16 diesel engine, and weighs about 126 tons.  In other words, she won’t win a drag race, but she can pull the freight.

Check out the videos on the Laughing Frog Images YouTube page and take a trip back in time.

Here’s the rest of the Feather River Express that you won’t see in the video:

WP_20140809_11_13_41_Raw FB

(For the technically curious, the videos were taken with a Lumia Icon smartphone.)



One thought on “Feather River Express video clips

  1. Steve Greenberger says:

    Based on the pics you take I could learn a lot form you. Problem is your on the other side of the country…

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