Our Silent Partner

As some of you might have wondered or figured out, there’s no way that those of us at Laughing Frog Images could make all of the products that we offer for purchase.

We’re good, but just not that good.

When Laughing Frog Images was in it’s fantasy / planning stage, several different fulfillment partners were explored.  Some offered things that others didn’t.  Pricing varied.  Terms varied.  Background services varied.  So, the search and discovery went on.  And off.  And on again for a couple of years.

When it came time to get real and launch Laughing Frog Images, Zenfolio was chosen as our Silent Partner.

Laughing Frog Images is based upon two simple premises:

  1. Photographic art should be affordable to everyone who wants it.
  2. You should be able to get the image that you want the way that you want it.

Product offerings, pricing, and background services were key factors in the decision, but ultimately quality and services to the customer were the final factors.  For example – it you want a print, but the source image isn’t capable of making that size print, the website tells you that and won’t let you order it.  I’d rather have that happen than someone ordering a print that looks like was the by-product of a six pack for lunch.

And there you have it, the story behind how a teeny, tiny, small, little enterprise can offer you so many ways to make an image yours.

Check Laughing Frog Images out if you haven’t been there in a while.  You can get something for yourself or beat the stress of holiday shopping by getting something for everyone on your list!

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