Not road kill!

Laughing Frog Images' 2017 Holiday Sale

Yes, it’s been quiet on here lately.  Amazing how fast a month can go by.

It’s not as easy as it seems it would or should be to work, do things around the house, do things with the family, run errands, etc., etc., etc., AND keep up with a web store and a blog.

At least not for me, anyway.

We’re not road kill.  Just busy.

I’m going to try to schedule a bunch of posts this weekend on a variety of subjects (actually, “last weekend” by the time you read this).

Whatever it takes to get y’all to “like”, “share”, “follow”, and buy  (remember, there’s a web gallery and store, too!).

Things are really busy at the day job – so I’ll apologize in advance if there are some more gaps in the coming months.

I could probably post daily if I won the lottery…  If there are any multi-million dollar winners out there who want to adopt a frog, give me a ribbit!

Be well!

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