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Well, for those of you seeing this basic message for what amounts to be the third time, I do so very humbly apologize. 

If it seems that I have not quite figured out how to do an advertisement and/or boost a post on Facebook – you are absolutely correct! 

Nor can I figure out how to do a Facebook update with hyperlinks – so I apparently have to do another blog post so that it shows up on Facebook as a post, and from there, I can boost the post. 

Dishwasher issue?  Hang a door?  Need to hang cabinets?  Fix a roof?  No problem. 

Facebook?  Apparently, that’s a problem.

I have simply been trying to get the news of the books and HoboFest out there to the world to help out the Port Huron and Detroit Railroad Historical Society, and I have come to the conclusion that it simply won’t work if I try to include the cover of the book in the post.  Even though I did the exact same thing.  In the recent past.  With the cover of the first book.  Go figure….

So, for those of you who are seeing this for the first time – there’s an important (at least to me!) message below. 

For those of you seeing it for the second or third time, I again apologize and fully accept that I am not yet understanding and literate in the ways of Facebook.

Rest assured that there won’t be a fourth try at this. 


The Port Huron and Detroit Railroad Historical Society will have the both of the Frog’s books – “Port Huron and Detroit Railroad and Connections in Color, 1982-1984” and the “Port Huron and Detroit Railroad in Black and White, 1984” – available at their 2015 HoboFest, September 11-12 2015.

All proceeds from the books available at HoboFest go to the Society for their maintenance, restoration and preservation activities.

HoboFest event details can be found by clicking here.  The Society also has a webpage and Facebook page.

These books are the first two creations in the “Through My Lens” series, and show the PH&D as I saw it from my first visit in 1982 until the last run on December 13, 1984.

To the best of my knowledge, these are the only two books ever published that focus on the PH&D.

The color book includes images of the PH&D from Tappan Tower to St. Clair, as well as the GTW, CN, and Chessie System (C&O/PM) in Port Huron.

The black and white book also covers the line from Tappan Tower to Sr. Clair and features photographs from the cab of PH&D Alco S-2 #60 and caboose #62 on a St. Clair run.  Also included are topographic maps of the PH&D with photo locations, PH&D forms and a look at train orders from the Grand Trunk Western.  Way back when, paper, not computers and smartphones ran the railroads, and it’s not often you can see how things used to be.

Can’t make HoboFest, but you still want the books (as only a complete set will do)?

Information on the books and the books themselves are available at Laughing Frog Images (click the “Get Our Books!” link at the top of the page), which takes you to the CreateSpace estore.  For each book purchased through Laughing Frog Images, we will make a $5.00 donation per book to the PH&DRRHS.

The book is also available on Amazon, but due to the associated costs of selling through Amazon, there is no donation made to the Society.

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