Row houses. Saint John, NB.

Row houses just east of the harbor in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada, taken in late 2013.

Row houses in North America are predominantly found in the northeastern U.S., and in eastern Canada.  Row houses are just what they sound like – a series of houses in a row that share a common wall with the neighboring home.  From a historical and educational perspective, you can read more about them here on Wikipedia.

DSC_3278 LF

It’s an interesting image.  Actually, it’s a really interesting image.

The low-angle late afternoon light is giving the fronts of the houses a glow.

If you study the image, you’ll see that it is perhaps full of stories – some old, some new, and some yet to be written.

The row houses are the same, but they’re not.

They’re in various states of repair and renovation.

Each is a different combination of colors.

The urban landscape itself is a mix of shapes, textures, materials, and colors.

There’s a couple of satellite dishes in there, and a skylight to remind you that this is a recent image, and not one taken 50 years ago…

Look closely at the brick row houses in the lower right foreground, there’s a woman looking out onto the harbor.  What’s her story?

Look closer at the row house she’s in, and you’ll see that it dates back to 1878.  You’ll also see crosses in the first floor brick work.  I think there’s more than one story to that house..

Look at the row house on the center-left and you’ll see the old unpainted bannisters and stair rail, and the fresh white paint on the right side of the stairs and porch – a work and a story in progress.

The row house to its right appears to be the least maintained of the four.  What’s its story?

The woodwork on the house on the far right is far more ornate than the others.  What’s that story?

Some row houses are brick.  Some are wood.  What’s the story there?

What will this look like in five years?  Ten years?  Stories to be written…

It’s actually a provocative image if you look beyond the picture…

The image can be found in the City Scenes Gallery on Laughing Frog Images.

Check it out and see what you come up with…

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