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Laughing Frog Images' 2017 Holiday Sale

Nowadays, it seems that holiday sales start in September.  At least it seems that way.

Here at Laughing Frog Images, we’re going to be a little more traditional.

We’re going to do two big sales this year, and we’re going to wait until November to start.

First, there will be a site-wide sale starting November 1st – everything but our books will be on sale!

We’re also going to do a Cyber Monday sale on everything but our books as well.

What is “everything” you ask?

Well, thanks for asking!  Did you know that Laughing Frog Images offers 256 ways for you to take “the” image and make it your own or make it a great gift for someone else?  Click here to be taken to a basic product list that includes two videos that can help you with the basics of ordering.

Why do we do this?

Easy answer.

Is there anything worse that seeing an image you like – but being turned off by the size of the image, or the frame, or the presentation?  Yes, there are things worse in life – but if it’s “the” image, it can rise to the top of the list pretty quickly.  So, once you find “the” image, you get to choose how you get it.  If its’ in color – you can make it black and white (and sepia in some cases) with a click of your mouse or a touch of your finger.  Want it on a mug?  We’ve got you covered.  Want it on metal?  Check.  Is canvas your thing?  Got that too.  Want it so show up matted, framed and ready to hang on the wall?  Yes, we can do that too.  Need something for under $20 or $25?  Yes, that too.  Like the image, but you want to crop it?  In most cases, you can do that too.

Our prices start at under $5.00.  And yes, things can get expensive if you want something made big on paper or on metal.  It’s about empowering you to get what you want, not about me deciding what I’m going to make available for you.

Laughing Frog Images was founded with two simple premises in mind.

They are that (1) photographic art should be affordable, and (2) you should be able to get the image that you want the way that you want it.

We’re staying true to that.

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