You spoke. We listened. We redesigned!

Well, the Frog is a few months old now.  So, we asked people what they liked about the site, what they didn’t like about the site, and what we could do better.

The likes were easy – the pictures.

The dislikes were few – mainly people wondering when some of their favorite subjects would be added.  Be patient – the Frog does have a day job…

When it came to what we could do better, we heard wishes for the galleries to be easier to identify and navigate.  While the Old Frog may have been great from a creative and artistic standpoint, it may not have been as intuitive and easy to move around in as some would have liked.

So, enter the New Frog.  The New Frog is much more industrial and utilitarian – but it’s much easier to see all of the Main Galleries, Sub Galleries, and images.

C’mon in!  Grab your beverage of choice, and wander around the new layout.

Take in a slide show or two, use the “Dim the Lights” option (it’s in the Menu at the top left of every picture) to enjoy an image or slide show.

Maybe even pick up a print for that bare spot on your wall, or a mug, glass or water bottle for that favorite beverage…

Most of all, enjoy!