Ever need every last drop?

That morning cup of coffee is a ritual for millions the world over.  Ever need every last drop?

I was organizing images tonight and came across this one of our dearly departed Hunter.

He liked a drop or two of iced coffee every now and then, and this day in November 2013 was one of those days.

There were a few drops left, and he was determine that they were to be his.  Never mind the fact that his head wouldn’t fit in the glass – he was going to get his due!

I never saw him get his head stuck, but I did see him contently licking iced coffee from his paw a time or two…

Things came to a bit of a halt tonight as I paused to smile and remember him.

For those of you who didn’t get to read about him when he passed, he was a gentle giant and a kind soul.

Some &^$% people left him in front of a pet store in a crate on a cold February morning in 2012.  We me him not long thereafter, as it seems that adopting cute kittens is far more prevalent than adopting a six year old.  He was a project – building trust and getting him to understand that we were here to serve (cat owners, you know what I’m talking about…).  Every time I see one of those “Who Saved Who?” bumper stickers, I can’t help but think of Hunter.

And, I think of him when I’m going for every last drop…

2013-11-08 11.00.40 360 wm

Beyond the memories this image stirred up, there’s a moral to be found here – and here it comes:

Take pictures.

Take pictures of your family.  Take pictures of your friends.  Take pictures of your pets.  Take pictures of things that make you smile and things you want to remember.  These days it’s pretty cheap and pretty easy to make a memory – there are few excuses not to make a memory.

And when you stumble across random images when you aren’t expecting to, they bring a pause and a smile to the insanity and craziness that seems to be everywhere in life today.

And that’s not a bad thing….