Stickers your way!

And now, for something new and different!

Laughing Frog Images is pleased to announce the availability of four different styles of stickers from the Mpix Pro Lab!

2015-08-02_15-28-40 stickers 600

You can be selfish and keep them all to yourself, or if you know someone worthy, they make great gifts since they come in a silver tin box.

One caution with these products:  These stickers come from the Mpix Pro Lab.  There is no color or exposure adjustment made in the production process.  In these modern times, we look at web pages and galleries such as Laughing Frog Images on a multitude of devices – monitors, laptop screens, smartphones and tablets.  Unfortunately, there isn’t any consistency between screen resolution, brightness, or color accuracy between these devices.

While we can control how an image looks when we upload it into the galleries, and we can predict how it will look on the products we offer, we can’t control how it looks to you nor can we control how the final product might look versus what you expected it to look like.

As we can’t offer refunds on these products since they’re made just for you, our advice would be to look at these on a calibrated computer monitor if at all possible before you place your order.  If you can’t make that happen, choose a well-exposed image that has detail you can discern in the shadows.  That’s the best advice we can give you on selecting an image for your stickers.

If you’re now able to sleep at night because you’ve found THE stickers that you’ve been waiting for, stickers are located in the “Specialty” products group on the products page.