Searching the Galleries

Some of you may have looked at the Galleries on Laughing Frog Images, and said “wow, that’s a lot of really super / great / awesome stuff!”, but then wondered how you might find something you want (or don’t know that you want until you find it).

Some of you simply enjoy browsing the galleries and letting your mind go somewhere else for a while.

Some of you enjoy searching the galleries for something that works for you.

And, some of you want to search for specific things.  This post is for you!

There’s something that’s been lurking up at the top right corner of the site.  But it lurks quietly.  And, you might not notice it.  So, here’s a little help to make searching the galleries for that special image a little easier.

The best way to do this is with some screen shots from the site:

First, the search function is activated by clicking on the magnifying glass icon up in the top right corner.

home screen with search 2 arrow

Clicking on the icon opens up the search field.  Type in what you’re looking for, and click on the icon once again.

home screen with search arrow

In this example, I typed in BNSF to find some train pictures.  The results page is shown below, and it tells me that there are two (2) galleries with 34 pictures in them tagged BNSF.

home screen with search 3

The search function works off of keywords that I’ve assigned to every image (at least I hope so…!).  So, as long as our minds think alike, this is going to work just fine…

Seriously, I did try to be practical with the keywords to make things easier for everyone who might be searching the galleries.  Any feedback is welcome and appreciated!

We hope this adds to your viewing and shopping experience on Laughing Frog Images.