Make your own photo collage

Confused because you like so many different images from our galleries?

Want to get several images, but money is a concern?

Want something really different to dress up that wall?

Need to cover up that bad patch or stain on the wall?

We have a solution for you!

A photo collage is a great way to have unique and personal images on display and accomplish what you want.

Did you know that you can make your own photo collage on Laughing Frog Images?

It’s easy to do once you’ve selected a photo, then clicked “buy”, and then selected “Collages” as your product.

collage screen shot 600w

2015-08-02_15-50-36 collages

Building your own photo collage is as easy as dragging and dropping images from a gallery.

You can also select from images that you’ve marked as “favorites”.  Either way, it’s easy.

collage screen shot 2 600w

Besides choosing your images, you have the ability to move images, zoom in or out, center or crop images to make your collage your way.

You’re not stuck buying a collage when you don’t like every image in it, or something that a software program decided upon for you.

You can really make our images yours on your own unique photo collage!

collage screen shot 3 600w

The holidays are coming, and so is the mad shopping season.

Maybe you need a gift for someone and you’re suffering from giftipation.

Or, maybe you just decided that today is a holiday and you deserve your own collage.

Either way, Laughing Frog Images makes it easy for you.

We’ll be highlighting our products as well as our images over the coming months.

Shop smart.

Shop easy.

Shop Laughing Frog Images!

Collage Gallery added!

Collages provide a means to show and enjoy a collection of pictures.

Some carry a theme, some carry a theme better than others, and some are just a random assemblage of what one likes.

Some folks like collages, some don’t.

For those of you that do – we’ll be creating collages from time to time and adding them to a new Gallery called Collages on Laughing Frog Images.  (What did you think we were going to call it?)

Our first collages are of the Gray Whales of Long Beach.

Long Beach Gray Whales 2015-03, photo background 480w

These particular collages are set up in a 2×3 proportion so they will print 12×18, 20×30, etc., and fit in readily available frames.  They’re a unique way to decorate a wall or room.  There are two versions of the Gray Whales of Long Beach collage – one with a solid black background, and the other uses am image from the collage as the background.  As always – the Frog strives to provide something for everyone.

If there’s a collage you’d like to see from our available images, just let us know.

Thanks for looking.