Collage Gallery added!

Collages provide a means to show and enjoy a collection of pictures.

Some carry a theme, some carry a theme better than others, and some are just a random assemblage of what one likes.

Some folks like collages, some don’t.

For those of you that do – we’ll be creating collages from time to time and adding them to a new Gallery called Collages on Laughing Frog Images.  (What did you think we were going to call it?)

Our first collages are of the Gray Whales of Long Beach.

Long Beach Gray Whales 2015-03, photo background 480w

These particular collages are set up in a 2×3 proportion so they will print 12×18, 20×30, etc., and fit in readily available frames.  They’re a unique way to decorate a wall or room.  There are two versions of the Gray Whales of Long Beach collage – one with a solid black background, and the other uses am image from the collage as the background.  As always – the Frog strives to provide something for everyone.

If there’s a collage you’d like to see from our available images, just let us know.

Thanks for looking.