Holiday Sale Starts 11/01/15!

Laughing Frog Images' 2017 Holiday Sale

It’s here!

25% off everything except books on Laughing Frog Images!

The sale starts on November 1 and runs through December 15, 2015.

We can’t make your holiday shopping any more convenient or fun. Shop at home.  Shop at work (but don’t get in trouble).  Shop from your phone or tablet.

And, we can say with certainty that the odds of one person receiving the same gift from anyone else are pretty slim.  Don’t you hate when that happens?

Not in the gift giving mood?  Here’s you chance to treat yourself and save!

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Below is just some of what you’ll find on Laughing Frog Images.

There really is something for everyone.

Use coupon code LFI2015sale at checkout for your savings.

Thanks for visiting!

DSCF5529-LF 320 wm

DSC_1621_D90 LF

DSC_5335 LF

DSC_3278 LF


Tunnel View Panorama Composite

CSC_4082 LF

DSC_7871 adjusted in Picasa fb

DSC_4226 adj copy LF FB

DSC_0898 LF

DSC_6842 power vs persistence copy copy ALT 600 wm

DSCF5544 copy Silver Cascade 1x2 420 wm

2015_10_10_DSC_1837 2h1v copy 420 wm

DSC_1007 420 wm

DSCF5195 copy 480 wm

DSCF4997 copy 480 wm

2015_07_12_DSC_0831 copy 600w

2015_03_22_DSC_9627 copy 400 wm

Gray Whales, Long Beach CA

DSC_5688 - Copy (320x320)



DSCF2614 copy LFI2015-08-01_21-36-57 400 wm

DSC_7274 sq c&c 480wm

2015_07_04_DSC_0420 480 wm

2015_10_10_DSC_1923 copy 360 wm

2015_10_10_DSC_2045 LFI 360 wm

DSC_9442 United Banner 480

2015-02-13 DSCN0968 ap lfi 320

2014_12_14_DSC_5858 320

DSC_5663 LF

DSC_1291_D80 LF


CIMG0282 adj LF (2)

Tunnel View Panorama 1

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