Pets… and pet pictures as memories.

It’s been a little quiet here at the Frog lately…

About three weeks ago, we lost Hunter to an apparent heart issue.  He was here… and then he was gone… No signs.  No warnings.  Nothing.  He’s the featured photo for this post, doing his best proud pose.

lFi DSC_4382

Not only was he a great companion and conversationalist (you had to know him!), he was also very photogenic.  And the photographer laments not photographing him more.

Hunter was a rescue cat, abandoned at age six in a crate outside a local pet store by his former “owners” (and I use that term loosely) on a cold February morning.  Hunter was also a project – an exercise in patience, trust, and love.  He was still coming out of his shell at the ripe old age of eight.  And now, all we have is some fur and the pictures.  I don’t know why I pulled the camera out that day and started photographing him, but I’m glad I did.  Mrs. Frog says that he did a proud “Tramp” pose (remember the movie The Lady and The Tramp?) showing off his collar and name tag as evidence that he was finally coming into his own in a house where he was part of the family.

Hunter most certainly did take a good picture.  I’m glad I have them.  He had this tendency to silently sneak in here (despite his bell) and rise up and swat me when he wanted attention and I was lost in a post or a picture.  I miss that.

So, where am I going with all of this? I know sometimes the Frog hops down a roundabout path, like today.

It’s a reminder for all of you to remember to capture the quirks, memories, expressions, funnies and foibles of your friends – whether they walk on four legs, fly with two wings, swim with fins, or slither on smooth scales.  With digital cameras and cell phone cameras, and cameras in out tablets, pet pictures are easy and cheap!  There are books on the subject, and probably instructional videos as well – but you know, they really don’t matter.

All that matters is that you have the picture and that it moves you.

Because, like anything else in life, nothing is forever.  And, someday, all you’ll have is the pixels, prints and bytes to bring a smile and fond memories to you.

Etta and Ella have been helping me type this.  It’s taken a lot longer to finish this than it would have without their “help”.  They’re a new chapter, and you’ll probably get to know them as the Frog, and life, go on.

Now go and snap a few pictures of your own pet(s)…


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