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One thing that I have learned is that while I might add a new post, and you might have friended the Frog’s Facebook page, that doesn’t mean that you get notified when I’ve added a post or made additions to the Galleries.

We were missing a way for you to subscribe to the Frog’s news and updates.

Well, we’ve fixed that.  Actually, I can’t take any credit for that – Mike at Visceral Concepts ( took care of that.  I just had the need/idea…

Anyway… you’ll now see “Leave a Comment” at the bottom of every post.  When you open that link, you can leave a comment, and more importantly, you can subscribe to the Blog and stay current with the Frog’s updates and thoughts.

We welcome and appreciate your visiting the Frog, and would be most grateful and humbled to have you as a subscriber.



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