Merry Christmas, WNY&P Style

2015 1000x wm

Merry Christmas from Laughing Frog Images!

This year’s card takes us back to February of 2003, and the early days of the Western New York and Pennsylvania (WNY&P) Railroad.  The WNY&P is a part of the Livonia Avon and Lakeville (LA&L) family of railroads.

We’re at Niobe Junction, New York on this brisk February morning to see two LA&L Alco C424m’s heading west to Corry, PA on the former Norfolk Southern / Conrail / Erie Lackawanna / Erie Railroad mainline.

Niobe Junction is at the east end of what was a separated section of double track.  Typically, when railroads had a double track mainline, they kept the tracks parallel to each other.  I seem to recall having read somewhere (and I can’t find the source now) that the line separation was made due to issues with the eastbound (uphill) grade and the effect that it had on eastbound perishable (iced) food freight – something to do with the ice shifting in the cars.  It was one of those interesting railroad history stories.  Just wish I could find it instead of relying on a crowded memory…

Anyway, on this fine February morning, we see two spotless Alcos, each 35+ years young (and still around today!), heading west to Corry, PA.

They’re passing an unusual sign warning drivers of “increased train traffic”, as the WNY&P is about to resume through freight service on the line between Meadville, PA and Hornell, NY.

Why were they headed to Corry as light engines?

A customer in Corry had a slight problem.

A freight car was stuck – as in frozen stiff, and it needed to be moved.  The two Centuries headed west from the terminal in Falconer, NY, freed the car for the customer, and headed home.

That’s customer service by the WNY&P in the spirit of the Erie Lackawanna’s “Friendly Service Route”!