Great Lakes Boats Gallery Added

The Great Lakes Boats Gallery has been added to Laughing Frog Images!

No, it’s not little boats on the Great Lakes.  What would be called a “ship” if it were on the oceans is called a “boat” on the Great Lakes.  I don’t know the story – it just is. Keep in mind that some of these “boats” are 1000 feet long!  Kinda changes ones perspective on the word boat, doesn’t it?

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On the other hand, an ocean going boat on the Great Lakes is known as a “salty.”  Ocean, salt water, well, that makes a little more sense.

There are also tugboats and barges, retired boats serving as barges, and ATBs (Articulated Tugs and Barges) like the Lakes Contender and Ken Boothe Sr. that ply the Great Lakes, and you’ll eventually see some of those here as well.

The St. Clair River between Lake Huron and Lake St. Clair is a renowned boatwatching area.

Those who follow railroading and photograph trains have

Those who follow Great Lakes boats and photograph them have, whose world headquarters is in Port Huron, Michigan in land once occupied by the Pere Marquette / Chesapeake & Ohio / Chessie System / CSX rail yards and carferry docks.

The Great Lakes Boats gallery compliments the standalone gallery for the Algoma Montrealis – the last Canadian steam ship on the Great Lakes.  The Great Lakes Boats gallery will feature boats I’ve photographed on the St. Clair River, Detroit River, St. Lawrence River, and Welland Canal over the years.  This gallery will take some time to fill out, as some of the images have to be located and scanned.

Check out the gallery for something different!