2018 Holiday Sale Schedule

Here’s the Laughing Frog Images 2018 Holiday Sale Schedule!  We’re going to keep it simple this year – a sale within a sale, and just two sale codes.

From November 22 to December 24, save 40%* on paper prints, frames, canvas prints and metal prints.  To take advantage of our 2018 Holiday Sale, use code 2018holidays.

Ellis River above Glen Ellis Falls. Jackson, NH. White Mountain National Forest.
Ellis River above Glen Ellis Falls. Jackson, NH. White Mountain National Forest.

If you’re a pre-planner and follow schedules well, this is the sale for you this year.  From November 23 to November 26, we’re combining Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday into one event within our 2018 Holiday Sale.  Save 50%* on paper prints, frames, canvas prints and metal prints.  Use code 2018supersale.

Port Huron and Detroit Alco S-2 60 at the roundhouse.
Port Huron and Detroit Alco S-2 60 at the roundhouse.

* Please note that the discount does not apply to books, shipping, or applicable taxes.

Nevada Northern Railway Alco 2-8-0 93 on a photo freight at East Ely, Nevada.
Nevada Northern Railway Alco 2-8-0 93 on a photo freight at East Ely, Nevada

Why shop at Laughing Frog Images instead of at “the other picture place”?

We allow you to choose your medium – paper, standout, metal, or canvas.  Each makes a different statement.

We allow you to convert a color image to black and white or sepia if that’s what you want.  Each tells a different story.

We allow you to choose the size you want.  There’s nothing like seeing an image you like that’s too big or too small.

We allow you to choose the aspect ratio you want – square, rectangle, or panoramic.  Perspective and proportion can make or break an image.

Our image, your way.

If you have any questions about any of the images, or how to make a print your own, please send us an email and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

If you’re not buying for yourself, or for a gift, just forward this to “that” someone along with the link to the image you want.  It may not be a subtle hint, but it’s a hint nonetheless!

Thanks for looking, and happy shopping!

Small Business Saturday

On this Small Business Saturday, please remember to support the small businesses in your area.  Actually, please remember to do that all of the time.

It’s not all about the big box stores, shopping malls, and chains intent on conquering and controlling the earth.

It’s about the people in your neighborhoods that have the stores and restaurants in your neighborhoods.  Without them, everything would look, see, and taste the same.  And that’s not fun.

The four hobby shops that I patronized the most throughout my life are gone.  Demographic and economic change had a role in that, as did the internet.

The three camera shops that I patronized the most throughout my life are gone as well, for the same reasons.

It’s strange that people today will go out of their way to a hobby shop or camera store to see, touch, feel and try “stuff” in person, and then leave empty -handed to try and find a better deal on the internet.  These are some of the same people to complain when the local store isn’t there anymore…  ‘Nuff said.

So, when you’re out and about tomorrow, don’t forget to support your local Small Businesses.  We need them.  They need us.

And, whether or not you’re out and about, Laughing Frog Images would certainly like to be a part of your Small Business Saturday.  We are definitely a small business!  It’s pretty much me and Ella when she’s in the mood to help.  Or just walk over my keyboard.  Or just sleep on my hand and mouse.  We don’t have a physical presence yet, as we’re just trying to break even on this endeavor.  We do have a small part in the economy, from the people who make the media our images end up on , to those who print and check the images, to those who deliver our products to you.  So, so, we’re a small part of the big picture.

We bring you hundreds of ways to give someone special (which could be yourself) something unique, and we’d appreciate your consideration this Small Business Saturday.  Everything at Laughing Frog Images (except our books) is 25% off through December 15, 2015.  Please check out our offerings and shop easy, shop Laughing Frog!

Lastly, a small business shoutout for Visceral Concepts, our website guru.

45 Seconds at EWR Station

One of the nice things about waiting to see a train at the NJT / Amtrak Newark International Airport Station is that you’re generally going to see trains, especially if you’re waiting during rush hour.

Occasionally, you’ll see multiple trains at once – I’ve been able to capture three trains at once in a still image.  Not a great still image mind you, or else I’d be posting and talking about that, but I’ve done it.  There are times where it’s a busy 45 seconds at Newark.  And there are times it all comes together.

So there I was with my trusty Icon, and a southbound Amtrak Acela was coming through.  So, I set up for it and started the video before the train entered the viewfinder.  There’s a neat thing that happens in advance of a fast moving train on continuous welded rail – the rails start to “sing” before the train gets there.  As I set up at a bit of an angle to the tracks, if you turn the volume up – you can hear this before you see the train.  It’s pretty neat.  I’m sure that there’s a technical explanation and term for this phenomenon, but I’m going to go with singing…


And the Acela slides on through the station.  Then, I hear another train behind me – I have no idea what it is or what track it’s on, and I can’t turn around without really screwing up this hand-held video.  So, I try to stay still and just keep the video rolling.  I let it roll until the northbound Amtrak is out of view.  Until 45 seconds at Newark are memorialized.

An Amtrak local comes into view, cab car first.  Ok, that works!  And then, in the golden light of late afternoon, I hear the “psst”s (yeah, I know that’s not a word, but I don’t know how else to try to phonetically describe the sound) of the locomotive – and I still can’t turn around to see it.  And then, an AEM-7 in push mode glides by me.

And I’m happy, because I finally got a great video clip of an AEM-7 in sweet light!  You see, the AEM-7’s are being replaced after 30+ years, and I don’t get an opportunity to see them very often, let alone get a video in sweet light.  For all I know, this is the last time I’ll get an AEM-7 on video.  So, it was a good day.

One day, I might even find that miracle tripod that you can take with you on a whirlwind transcontinental business trip.

In the meantime, enjoy, hand-held and all!



Today’s Sale Code

Ever wake up in the middle of the night wondering if you remembered to do something?

Like, say, include the coupon code in a sale announcement?

At about 5:00 AM or so?

Anyway… today’s sale code is smallbiz14.

Enter the coupon code at checkout to receive 15% off everything today.

As most of the people who aren’t worried about sale codes are still sleeping, I’m going to update the original post now…

Small Business Saturday Sale


DSCF5529 LFIt’s The Frog’s first Small Business Saturday Sale!

Everything is 15% off on Saturday!  Use coupon code smallbiz14 at checkout for your discount.

Imagine this image of the Ellis River on metal on your wall.  Imagine the oohs and ahhs of your friends and family as the admire it as they stand mesmerized before it.  Go on – imagine it!  Or, just spoil yourself and get it because you love it!

Skip the crowds, traffic and fistfights.

Shop the easy way and shop www.laughingfrogimages.com

Don’t forget to shop your local camera store and small businesses in general. Without them, we’d be consumed by and trapped by big business!